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GRID-Geneva is part of the Science Division of the UN Environment's global group of environmental information centres, known as the Global Resource Information Database (GRID) network. GRIDs-Geneva and Nairobi were the first centres to be launched in mid-1985. GRID centres not only facilitate access to but directly provide environmental data and information for decision-making and policy setting; underpin UN Environment's ongoing review of environmental state and trends; and provide early warnings about emerging environmental problems and threats.      Read more...


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Launch of the new Foresight Brief about insects

Insects have been embedded in terrestrial ecosystems for over 400 million years. They make up about half of all known living organisms and three quarters of the animal kingdom. They have been called ‘the little things that run the world’. There is no doubt that they constitute, by their abundance, diversity and adaptability, a crucial component of life on earth. We obdserve a significant decline in insects population. This Foresight Brief provides insights on potential solutions to this important issue.
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GRID-Geneva brief on glyphosate

This Foresight Brief shows that there are alternative methods which can help to avoid the use of glyphosate as well as other harmful chemicals to kill weeds. The alternative methods offer the benefits of restoring soil fertility and increasing biodiversity in the environment.
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UNEP/GRID-Geneva's participation to the 1st United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress (UNWGIC)

19-21 November 2018, UNEP/GRID-Geneva is participating to the 1st United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress (UNWGIC) in Deqing (China). UN Environment is presenting the World Environment Situation Room as a development concept. This UNWGIC focuses on the overarching theme ‘The Geospatial Way to a Better World’. This Congress is a global event bringing together all stakeholders at the highest level to address and ensure that geospatial information has its widest and fullest utility in service of social, economic and environmental development. This congress is a great opportunity for meeting with all main actors of the Geospatial Community, to discuss way forward and to generate new collaborations.
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Interview of the GRID-Geneva Data Cube team on Swiss television

The GRID-Geneva Data Cube team, along with WSL partners, was interviewed on 21 October 2018 at GRID-Geneva premises about its finding on the current drought with the Swiss Data Cube for the broadcast "mise au point".
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